The Personality Of The Organization

ISBN: 185343342X

Over the past twenty years, the topic of organisational culture has exploded into a plethora of publications, courses, seminars and workshops. Authors and experts have proceeded, one after another, to attempt to define this intriguing but difficult concept. Just when a new definition appears to have been ‘nailed’, practical application reveals its deficiencies. Why are practitioners and academies so interested in defining the culture of an organisation?

Partly because one cannot understand how an organisation works if one neglects its culture, and partly because the whole concept of the culture of the organisation has become central to the management of change. This book is written for all those who want develop a deeper understanding of organisations and how they work. Academics and students working in the fields of management and organisation will find it valuable but challenging addition to current theories about the culture of organisation. Consultants and managers will find many thought-provoking ideas and insights that might help them come to grips with their organisations and the ways in which they can effect change successfully.